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    NewWave Communications Launches SEC Network

    NewWave Communications is excited to launch the SEC Network! The SEC Network is an all-access pass to the most storied conference in college athletics and includes 24/7 coverage of SEC sports. Take it all in with SEC Network and NewWave Communications! Look for the new SEC Network on your TV lineup in August.    ...

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    NFL Network – All NFL Football, All The Time

    What do you do if you LOVE SPORTS – You get Sports Pak! Why do we love to watch sports on TV?  It’s LIVE, UNPREDICTABLE, and FRESH. NFL Network – All Football, All The Time If you love pro football, you’ve got to have NFL NETWORK. For many, getting access to the Thursday night game

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  • Control your home security system from wherever you are, right from your phone or work computer; and you can even receive email alerts when your system is armed or disarmed

    Benefits of Having an Internet Enabled Security System

    The alarm system of today is not just the loud, annoying, repetitive noise that can be just as easily tripped up by the family dog as an intruding burglar. The alarm systems available on the market today are quite comprehensive, including Internet enabled security that can be expanded not only to physical threats, but also...

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  • Expanded Basic service from NewWave gives you an assortment of popular and local channels

    Cable HDTV vs. Satellite HDTV

    In choosing a high-definition (HD) television provider, the decision usually comes down to choosing between cable and satellite. Both systems have their own advantages and drawbacks, especially in their delivery of HD content. The HDTV (High Definition Television) provided by cable services is, for many reasons, superior...

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    HDTV (High Definition Television) Explained

    HDTV is the popular acronym for High Definition Television, which is a way of broadcasting video in digital format, whereby the signal is sent in the form of zeros and ones instead of the waves used in analog broadcasting. The term is also used to refer to the television sets that receive these digital signals.

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